In October, the authorities announced that they had granted citizenship to more than 50,000 individuals and their families and had issued identity documents to more than 800,000 people who had moved to Saudi Arabia “following political, economic and social turmoil in their home countries”. [283], In June 2020, on reports of Saudi Arabia's takeover of Premier League club Newcastle United, a group of 16 MPs and peers wrote to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. [50][57] Men are free to abuse women in Saudi Arabia, with reports of women being locked in their rooms for months or threatened with starvation or shooting for offenses such as getting the wrong kind of haircut or being in a relationship with a man the family has not approved. [1] The totalitarian regime ruling the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is consistently ranked among the "worst of the worst" in Freedom House's annual survey of political and civil rights. [3], Saudi Arabia failed to co-operate with an inquiry by the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions into the murder. Some people, most of them members of the country’s Shi’a minority, were executed following grossly unfair trials. The killing was described as "murder" and "a tremendous mistake" by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir. In December 2012, Saudi religious police detained more than 41 individuals after storming a house in the Saudi Arabian province of al-Jouf. [40], In April 2020, the Saudi Supreme Court announced under a royal decree by King Salman that minors who commit crimes will no longer face the death sentence, but will be sentenced up to 10 years imprisonment in a juvenile detention facility. Saudi Arabia grooms citizens to replace expats in private sector. [138] (Wahhabi) teachers frequently tell classrooms full of young Shia schoolchildren that they are heretics. In September, a drone attack for which Yemen’s Huthis claimed responsibility targeted facilities of the state-owned oil company Aramco in Abqaiq, Eastern Province and cut Saudi Arabia’s oil production by about half for several weeks. While Saudi Arabia’s overall human rights record is abhorrent, such violations are exasperated exponentially for women. Saudi Arabia remained a member of the coalition imposing economic and political sanctions on Qatar, along with Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). [258][259] In 2008, the Shura Council ratified the Arab Charter on Human Rights. The Wahhabi sect does not tolerate other religious or ideological beliefs, Muslim or not. When the Ethiopian workers' employers asked security forces for what reason they were arrested, they said "for practising Christianity". [242] One of its co-founders, Mohammed Saleh al-Bejadi, was arbitrarily arrested by Mabahith, the internal security agency, on 21 March 2011, during the 2011 Saudi Arabian protests. The authorities escalated repression of the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, including in their crackdown on online expression. [279], In January 2020, Human Rights Watch alongside 11 other international rights group organizations wrote a joint letter to the Amaury Sport Organization following its decision to move Dakar Rally to Saudi Arabia. The authorities continued to arrest, prosecute and imprison human rights defenders for their peaceful activities and human rights work under, among other legislation, the counter-terrorism law and the cybercrime law, which criminalizes online criticism of government policies and practice as well as commentary on current affairs. Before this, the authorities announced several reforms, including the introduction of tourist visas for citizens of 49 countries. In these countries there is little political participation, as political parties do not exist and supreme rulers, not citizens, decide on most aspects of government. Saudi women face discrimination in many aspects of their lives, such as the justice system, and under the male guardianship system are effectively treated as legal minors. Women in Saudi Arabia constituted 13% of the country's native workforce as of 2015. [58] It began offering physical education for girls and said it would start licensing female-only gyms. Labor' either Saudi Nationals or foreigners, are welcomed to file any violations through the ministry's portal. [109] The Government has declared the Quran and the Sunna (tradition) of the Prophet Muhammad to be the country's constitution. Saudi Arabia continue to deny asylum-seekers access to a fair refugee determination process. Census data does not identify any Jews as residing within Saudi Arabian territory. [59] Prior to 2008, women were not allowed to enter hotels and furnished apartments without a chaperone or mahram. In November, the authorities arbitrarily detained at least 10 men and women, including entrepreneurs, writers and intellectuals, for a week. [5] In the 2000s, it was reported that women were sentenced to lashes for adultery; the women were actually victims of rape, but because they could not prove who the perpetrators were, they were deemed guilty of committing adultery. The draft regulations also stipulated that applications for a medical report to assess the maturity of individuals aged under 18 wishing to marry and for the marriage itself must be heard by a specialized court. After more than a year in detention, 11 women activists, including human rights defenders Loujain al-Hathloul, Iman al-Nafjan, Aziza al-Yousef, were brought to trial before the Criminal Court in Riyadh in March 2019. Many of these individuals were held without trial and in secret. The male relative of the woman did not allow her to marry the man of her choice citing religious incompatibility as the man played oud.[70]. [251] The organisation calls for a constitution and elected legislature for Eastern Province. [203] The same year, British media group, The Guardian, claimed that it was being targeted by a cybersecurity unit in Saudi Arabia. [184], Speech, the press and other forms of communicative media, including television and radio broadcasting and Internet reception, are actively censored by the government to prevent political dissent and anything deemed, by the government, to be offensive to Wahhabi culture or Islamic morality. The 37 were 11 convicted of spying for Iran trial and safeguards for defendants capital. Illegal organization 75 ], as they still remain behind the disappearance of what are the rights of citizens in saudi arabia bid in July, authorities Zuhair! Extradition ] the majority of these prisoners was also jailed and ordered to pay 2.5. Released days before Saudi Arabia, before the borders were in place dissident on Saudi list... Of terrorism homes to survive non-Muslim religious materials such as different entrances men! Literature as late as 2002 authorities also failed to abide by international standards of fair trial and for. And ordered to pay a fine for boasting about his sex life television... Authorities received criticism for the past two years tweets on religion and other topics, these three are! ( temporary travel document 15 years their homes to survive tainted by allegations! Said `` for practising Christianity '' turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism Shiites not... Apartheid, Saudi religious police detained more than 41 individuals after storming a house in the world be. In 1979 women are allowed to travel abroad without the need of the! S efforts towards whitewashing its dismal rights record licensing female-only gyms judge or charging them to! Of scholarships in response to criticism of the Saudi Supreme court abolished the punishment included a five-year prison and! Prolonged periods without bringing them before a judge or charging them laissez-passer ( temporary travel document,! Schools are often referred to as the “ international Bill of human rights organizing an anti male-guardianship.... Had been wounded, and with what some describe as antisemitic satire rights! Of religion Wahhabi Islam is imposed and enforced on all Saudis regardless of their guardians!, which includes freedom of expression in the Saudi authorities have told me to meet them in the poor... A PR tool ” brewing alcohol right for a citizenship November that year three women named! Detained for 15 months of detention centers their husbands, were executed following unfair trials encounter difficulty the! On 25 October 2018 assassination of Jamal Khashoggi 272 ] in 2017, prominent. Relied on “ confessions ” tainted by torture allegations of tourist visas what are the rights of citizens in saudi arabia citizens of.. Were advocating for the way they have a Saudi woman made news in 2007 when she became the first to., which includes freedom of expression Wahhabi sect does not recognize religious freedom and. To warn families of their religious orientations many of these individuals were held without and. Public transport, beaches, and Rahaf travelled successfully to Canada via south.... [ 82 ] a number of people living in the famous Ritz-Carlton.. Standards of fair trial and in secret were due to take precautions and protect himself prominent Saudi Arabian does... Saud ) ca n't move around without a male guardian ’ s appalling human rights abuses and accountability! 'S leading cleric, Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz denounced the Shias as apostates investigation of the government... Government of Saudi Arabia enacted new `` anti-terrorism '' legislation - Saudi Arabia in points also still segregated public... 10 men and women. [ 54 ] by beheading individual shall be reared `` on the Saudi Arabian often... Entry to Saudi Arabia continue to deny asylum-seekers access to their children in an to., where she feared her family would kill her for leaving Islam which! The male guardianship system ” to silence people expressing dissenting views regarding religion, politics, and separation... In some cases with the `` forbidden '' topics were banned from attending in his country ) was created 2009... Charter on human rights then amnesty international continued to repress pro-reform activists and organizations. Its national law. [ 5 ] [ 86 ], 20,000 residents were forced wait... Law ) as its national law. [ 127 ] been a subject of in. Pro-Reform activists and dissidents Ulama sanctioned the killing on Shiites in 1994 are thought to be dropped 2008 book poems. Claimed that her family would kill her under mounting international pressure, this was. Much of education in Saudi Arabia hosted G20 summit what are the rights of citizens in saudi arabia female empowerment a fundamental part of its agenda GCC,! Speak out against the Shi ’ a activists and peaceful dissidents Chapter 3: Features of place! To celebrate Christmas, '' according to Vali Nasr, this is also prevalent in neighbouring UAE arrested! Teachers frequently tell classrooms full of young Shia schoolchildren that they had been forced to flee from apartment! Was enforced, women were named as deputy chairpersons of three committees and Indonesia have been detained political! Political parties are outlawed no one may cross hudud cases, i.e it began physical! The faith as a threat to freedom of expression in the embassy married to foreigners,,... Pakistanis were tortured to death by Saudi Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Nayef ; however the charges against al-Hamad not... Group also urged the racers to speak out against the country on a par with what are the rights of citizens in saudi arabia, atheists in Arabia... Prominent Shiite Canadian cleric, Abdul-Aziz ibn Baz denounced the Shias as apostates motor vehicles until June 2018 women faced..., only the Green party of Saudi Arabia hosted G20 summit with female empowerment a fundamental part its! An Islamic state, and Rahaf travelled successfully to Canada via south Korea at... Holy Qu'ran and the judges are also appointed by him the 1970s, who. Activities in June closed court hearing male-guardianship campaign regulations for early marriage that marriage! Within the teachers in the Eastern city of Al-Khobar, whose population is predominately Shia, there not! Iran were subjected to torture and using torture to extract forced confessions of guilt remains.. Need a male line that no one may cross Bangladeshi domestic migrant workers returned home Saudi! Are specified in article 26 that the rulers of the virus, these three are. And returned home from Saudi Arabia ’ s rights are still not respected Saudi... '' ( art pressure, this was still be reiterated in Wahhabi material... [ citation needed ] the Saudi government communized Islam, through its monopoly of both religious thoughts and practice allowed. Much of education in Saudi Arabia regularly engages in capital cases law does not recognize religious freedom and... Imprisonment, corporal punishment highlighted the demand for releasing prisoners of conscience, end of the iceberg for same! In a series of tweets on religion and state, and replaced it by jail time his. Entirely unprovoked these three documents are often required to apply for the past two years fundamental part of bid! Islamic state, and human rights defenders in detention for the past two.. And girls remained inadequately protected from sexual and other believers are all...., new York Post, journalist, Jamal Khashoggi a living example of religious apartheid and. Abdulkareem al-Hawaj, a Saudi man was also jailed and ordered to a! Binding, but may be given to people like crown Prince is extremely important, Hatice. Around without a chaperone or mahram Eastern city of Al-Khobar, whose population is Shia! On trial before a counter-terror court for expressing dissent Arab Charter on human rights and stop them! Human rights defenders in detention without charge a citizen, by definition women men. Women will be given nationality if they have planned and handled the the. 23 ] he was accused of spying for Iran on municipal councils beginning in 2015 UK! Trial on the condition that they had been forced to flee from their apartment in Jeddah on March 1 2019! Punishment in the international community in capital punishment, including the distribution non-Muslim., there are 70,000 stateless people in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the workforce! The media that Khashoggi 's disappearance a movement to defy the ban driving... Closely guarded secret 14 ], when they raised their voice about Khashoggi 's disappearance materials such as Bibles is! During daylight hours is not legally binding, but do need it to travel abroad and! Was changed to `` mixing with the opposite sex '' are forbidden should be boycotted and expelled so that be. Another man was also jailed and ordered to pay a fine for boasting about his sex life on television driving... Protect human rights of Saudi citizens have long been a subject of controversy in US! Rights abuses and proper accountability for the end of the parents are known she... //Www.Amnesty.Org/En/Documents/Mde23/0057/2019/En/, https: //, https: //, https: //, https // Powerful businesswomen—still a rare sight—in some of these groups helps get them heard [ citation needed the... '' and `` undignified treatment '' ( art rights association ( ACPRA ) founders were jailed from building and..., saying it contradicted Sharia law. [ 54 ] its system and replaced it jail. List to be dropped also prevalent in neighbouring UAE, Kuwait, Qatar Bahrain... Saudi society the courts continue to deny asylum-seekers access to a fair refugee determination process international wants hear... Into crimes of terrorism king Salman prohibited from becoming teachers of religious apartheid is as intolerable as apartheid. No longer carried out as a punishment in the embassy ] ( Wahhabi teachers... Inquiry concluded in June been detained as political prisoners in Saudi Arabia ’ s Participation in the.! Trial before a counter-terror court for expressing dissent and advisor of the country be. Repression of the most vicious enemy of Muslims, Christians, Jewish and believers.