It's personal preference, but i think by sacrificing 200mm with 200-600 is unwiseI will have to carry either 24-200 which is substandard for wildlife, or to have better iq i go heavier with 2 lenses of 24-70/24-105 along with 70-200, Meanwhile by starting at 100 i can easily cover it with 24-105 or 24-70 which is much more excellent, , this 100 mm doesn't count so much in practice, since it's on supertelephoto range, Putting 100-500 on R5 it can go up to 750 or 800 mm since in R5 in apsc crop is 20mpix, pretty much same as a9ii, no need to lose light with teleconverter, Didn't you return the 800 f11? Including the lead editors here. The Canon fanboys have become what you say the Sony fanboys were. And that there are still sports going on that are being broadcasted and photographed? You would rather have out of focus images, GOT IT. ?You admit you go around deliberately targeting people with personal attacks? Surely you're not suggesting that amateurs or novices can’t enjoy an automatic camera such as this? And that everyone can stop for half an hour to shoot 5more minutes? All content, design, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2020 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved. A great example is Virgin (as in the holiday company). "This is a choice between a rock and a hard place For DP. "ratings are not very meaningful in this context. I do generally agree it’s not a great all around choice for sports. I don`t think. Lots of good 20fps glass. Interesting deflection by both of you. The NEW Sony a9 II ( is evolutionary, not revolutionary. You’re right. Then he tells us he has six Z cameras 'back at the factory' and the Nikon 70-200/2.8 on order. Its 693-point phase-detect covering 93% of the image area and features Sony's latest Real-Time Tracking system. The a9 II has, hands down, the best autofocus performance money can buy. . BlindasaBat That just shows you don’t know many photographers. A9ii has no rolling shutter but suffers in dynamic range and resolution. Nowhere! They can do what they want. It's a mix between A9ii and A7Riii. And every website knows that. Ask the admin of Nikon Rumors, Canon Rumors, etc. The camera has an ISO range of 50-204,800 when fully expanded and 14-bit uncompressed Raws can be saved. @ armandinoI'd love to, I'm hobbyists and i don't really care about IQ until canon caught me off guard with cheapo RP, now I'm addicted to the amount of details FF format provide :(RP sensor is crap i know and i agree, but still huge upgrade compared to smaller sensor, even from apsc. Let's look at that post from R Cicala and ask why he wrote that 2 years ago? Leica for example? Trying to actively spread misinformation, not so much. We are all entitled to our own opinions and as i stated originally this gizmo sounds ideal for those who want a camera that can capture easily what they want to photograph without much more effort that just pointing the camera a pressing a button! I take pictures of my travels, my life and the people who are important to me. And my comments on the R5 article are consistent with that. Combining a 37MP full-frame sensor, minimalist controls and Lightroom Mobile built in, it's a refreshing – if a bit quirky – take on the smartphone-meets-camera concept. So one person switches from Sony to Canon makes Sony doomed. CIPA's latest report for global camera shipments shows the camera industry is gaining pace once again in a year marred by the COVID-19 pandemic atop a market already in decline. Many will not gamble and use mechnical for 10 fps instead of blackout free 20 fps bursts. Maybe people just want " better , faster, more" all the time. I think the review did a good job pointing it out. And they were basically right. how much light is collected. Their specialty is their fps. tell us how you really feel lol. The R5 does tick that boxes but What their grief is, they are paying for all these features which is useless to some of them. I'm still waiting for specific examples of DPR's bias. I see you edited your comment. These posts take up the majority of this comment section. You make it sound like there are only Sony brand loyalists in this thread. Find out if it'll make your life easier in our detailed review. To double the resolution from 20 Mp, you need 80 Mp. r5 is crippled compared to a9/a9ii, it doesn't have a stacked sensor, it uses frame duplication in the evf, and it overheats even when shooting stills. Tamron has announced its 17-70mm F2.8 Di III-A VC RXD lens for Sony APS-C bodies. Deleted - Did not think my comment would meet suggested censorship standards. @ Fotoni: Why on earth would many use the noisy mechanical shutter instead of the silent and no tear & wear full electronic shutter? And thanks for calling me out. GLADLY. i don't see anything difficult to learn especially the menu system. Mention of any widely known strength of a Sony product must be dismissed as obvious Sony bias.3. It seems like a Fuji throw back aesthetic not relevant for a sports oriented camera. This is clearly stated with insistence and confidence by individuals who have no clue about the camera they criticized, and never used one. I accept sometimes I go a little bit overboard. The Sony A9 II is a full-frame camera designed for sports and action photography. I'm guessing you couldn't since you deleted that portion of your post. The inability to keep photo and video settings separate is one of them. Hopefully DPR is considering some options. What about reading the review before posting? People can easily by hyped into buying features they don't need and will never use. For the case of high end video bodies like the a7S III, they have it before the official announcement of the camera and there were not so much cameras they did not review yet so they can publish a preview the same week. @MikeRan... so in your is Canons fault that the same people that said no one needs 8k for months had no choice but to post 500 times that not having unlimited 8k is a total fail. Canon users have been asking a competitive MILC FF from Canon. But at the moment guaranteed prominence is given to every comment due to the basic functionality of this feature, and this is encouraging and rewarding poor etiquette. But this article is about a professional-level camera, and while there will certainly be a few people who simply want what they believe is the "fastest" or "best" for its own sake, I'd imagine that at least 90% of a9ii purchasers are serious amateur/pro sports or wildlife photographers, who would put the burst capabilities to good use. I was replying to David’s comment. Regarding image quality, yes the a9ii lags behind some of the opposition. Have you used an A9II or an R5? They were the only ones who didn't cover the Sony 24/1.4GM launch. Review, Aug 19, 2020 Sony a9 II sample gallery. Again, Canon failed to listen to their users.Canon keeps telling that they have these professional (couple of thousands) whom they consult and use as testers... Who are these experts which missed these limits during their test. Get a second body with a 70-200 and you have it all. At 678grams, 90% Gold for $4,500 it is worth its weight in Gold. Yes a filter would certainly help. it’s about 2 guys posting together hundreds of posts of negativity under a single article. Some brand arguing will go on in any forum...but everyone knows that the Sony fans have taken it to a whole new level. Never overheats. And now it’s $6,499. It also takes longer to get a lock. Based on what I see I’m quite comfortable people think I’m being fair in my comments. Nikon had 3 total at the end of 2019, one being only released in October. The Sony a9 Mark II takes the impressive features of the original a9 and adds a wide variety of refinements. There have been some good suggestions, up and down votes, muting, limits on # of posts per article... lets lobby DPR to fix it, because from where I'm sat, no one is happy and what used to be one of the better bits of this website is becoming worthless. Thoughts R Us, what I see is you repeating the same stuff again and again. Just how loud is the A9ii mechanical shutter? (I shoot with Canon 5dsr, Pentax 67II & Ricoh GRIII). Next when she switches to Sony from Canon, she will be paid shill and Canon would do just fine without her. @ Edwin - I have similar experience, just put the A9ii into silent shutter and never look back. I agree. The main difference though is I actually own and use the camera being discussed. @mikeran. it’s not about criticism. Canon were forced down the mirrorless route, lets not forget that. I did not "challenge you" on the "only fault".. you had to find/create a challenge. We are talking about shooting still sports images. Both when I comment on Sony articles and when I comment on Canon ones. 8k/4k overheating limits. R5 electronic shutter and helicopter It's sad that the competition has to pay youtube troll channels and salesmen to bring it down. Seems that it is. Some, like me, are using more than one brand. I’d poke my eyes out if I had to watch more than 20 minutes of your kids recital”. Correct? Somebody so obsessed surely has and alias or two they might use. @karl, people can say whatever they want but when these people constantly talk trash just to be the top comment it get sold fast. It's a lump of glass, metal and plastic. EM1X 2.0...really good...reeeaaally good... Manny Ortiz: Z6II / R5 / A7III Autofocus comparison, 2020 Pixel Awards: X-T4 the biggest disappointment, Can Anyone List Firmware Updates For Lenses. And why didn’t Sony prioritize a faster mechanical shutter on a sports body? It's a different user. Canon R5 vs Sony A9 II. It's no wonder they sold more mirrorless in 2019, they just have more with the 6 year head start they had. Try to keep up. Purist Pentax sold more cameras than Canon and nikon combined at one point of time. I would now argue that Canon (for the most part) has leaped ahead of Sony in full frame mirrorless...”. @mikeran exactly i would buy the a9 for 99% of my photography i would use e/s with the a9 ,when i need mechanical i would use my a7r3 mostly airshows i would imagine where props could see rolling shutter effect? Also, why do you care about a Sony review if this camera is of no interest for you, and you are so biased that you can't even stand Sony users?!? But this doesn't warrant your arrogant "ever heard of", when it is simply your closed-mindedness against modern camera technology. Sony 1.65 million unitsCanon 940,000 unitsFUJIFILM 500,000 unitsOlympus 330,000 unitsNikon 280,000 unitsOther 240,000 units. I agree that it, as well as auto focus in general is easier and much faster. But seriously, something like 500 comments, at least, about what a disgrace it is, how far Canon has fallen, the end of Canon etc etc...because the R5 does not shoot unlimited 4k/8k! What we need is not censorship but some form of individual control and a way of discouraging this behaviour through there being no guarantee you'll appear first. a7riv is a much better choice for hi-rez shooting, including with a huge native lens lineup that canon will never be able to match, in part because canon has always been a proprietary closed mount system... even fuji finally got around to opening up x-mount for 3rd-party lens makers, but not canon. Falling market share of canon could also be due to bad colors. That's a claim that you really should back up. The 35mm F2 DG DN is the standard prime in the group of new Sigma I-series lenses. Because more user interaction means more engagement, more time spent on the website and by consequence it means more "clicks" and more "add revenue". Where is the moderation here? If so then I think the trolls would pretty quickly lose their audience as they get filtered out by the reasonable people that would simply block them. The only mid-price option is the 100-400 f4.5-5.6 and that's not long enough. They wont be putting less costly lenses on it. But I do agree, eye-focus would certainly take that aspect of photography out of the equation. If it makes you feel better buy two and put them in glass. There may be cheaper or simpler options but that’s not the point. I shoot sports among other things since you asked. I badly want the DPR comment section to be a place where I can chat with other enthusiasts about the latest camera gear, but it just isn't. Otherwise they cater to a very dedicated audiophile niche. Recorded a video last night in street light at midnight for my business with my a7s, came out clean at iso 25k. Hi Mike,I try to refrain from naming people when I comment and although I don't always agree with your posts, yours are in no way the worst and often informative. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. Any positive statement on any non Sony product must be immediately ridiculed by Sony users.2. The new DJI Mavic Mini 2 includes several notable improvements over the original Mavic Mini, including 4K video, Raw photo capability, and DJI's robust OcuSync 2.0 transmission system. Since this is a Sony thread... bias will certainly be in large amounts. And I have defended the R5 from bashing on at least a few occasions. The a9 II produces lovely images across a variety of situations, with great noise performance and a fantastic JPEG engine. Your pictures are two dimensional. For example, here it tells that you do not understand that A9 is an specialized series of cameras. pros use a9 for event shooting like weddings because the af is more accurate than anything else, and the a9/a9ii does it with sony real-time tracking, which is unequalled in the industry: It will take 5-10 years before mirrorless takes over in the professional sports field.As far as you having a balanced conversation, you are not doing a good job of it because all you are doing is repeating the same discredited arguments from 5+ years ago. Sure, all these ugly colored photos are from people who never heard of color science. Canon brought the overheating BS on themselves. Red Biplane against Blue Sky with Smoke Trail, Miramar Air Show, 28 September 2018. Put yourself in my shoes. Then the iPod came along, and then the smartphone, and convenience won out over absolute sound quality. The Canon R5 has many noteworthy features, not the least of which is 8K video recording. This is a specialized camera. Your instagram shots show even at that small size strong noise reduction effects and grislyness. To your point/s, I primarily use less capable cameras for mostly everything else, because they are more than good enough. Best Mid-Range Full Frame Mirrorless: Canon R6, Sony a7 III, Nikon Z6 II, Panasonic S5. Cbphito, you must have missed all of the “who needs to shoot more than 20 minutes of video anyway. I can't really be bothered to continue this "conversation". Yep. I searched for this word in the comments, and of course, it's mentioned by both "sides". DPR has already detailed out pros and cons in their usual well laid out process. You don't need to forgive me BTW. My guess..99%. Sorry you’re upset you post trolling comments on a Sony article and get no likes. Before the issues with batteries was fixed..."just carry 5 or 6 in your pocket"... when weather sealing was non existent "just put a bag over your camera" The awful menu's.. "...all other brand have much worse menu's". @PAntunes... really? The Canon EOS R5 and the Sony Alpha A9 II are two digital cameras that were announced, respectively, in July 2020 and October 2019. This is an upgrade over the a9—it only offers UHS-II speeds in one of its two card slots. It … FWIW. Improvements are largely ergonomic, so there's little reason for a9 owners to upgrade. "The Sony A9 II is an obvious pick — possibly the pick — for sports, news and action. It’s possible. It will never happen. But anyway I think this is the problem. For whatever reason when Sony designed the early E-amount cameras the shutters were all 5 FPS. DxO PL4 Elite (W10): Free NIK install not working? You completely forgot that resolution goes in two directions, with and height. Some of his reviews were posted well before the cameras were released. The Canon has a resolution of 44.8 megapixels, whereas the Sony … So I wonder why Sony can't see to fix the bad delay with their controls? Another Canon promoter with account opening year of 2020. Sounds like it is the perfect camera for the ‘spray and prey’ generation and for those who lack the skill and confidence to ‘nail the shot’ without artificial aids...... Stabilisers on a childs bicycle........he said in condescending English accent......... . 2 years ago DPR was biased because cameras with better DR and IBIS had better reviews. I counted. The Sony camera beats the competition on one thing. And while I’d love for it to scan faster to cover the other 1%,, it really is fast enough. You are in denial. I don't think Canon have lens that gives a combo like this. Why ? It has a bit of both, which I find intriguing. It's hardly less expensive when you factor in the expensive CF cards and the battery grip, etc you need to get the 12 and 20 FPS, Regardless, both the R5 and R6 seem like excellent cameras and the R5 compares rather well to the A9/A9ii. @ Magnar - Not sure I follow your reasoning that being a massive multi-national consumer device manufacturer makes you better at producing cameras? Look around. Hopefully soon they'll start to understand that it's nothing agains a brand but that canon cameras are really expensive for what they're offering. Right above yours. BlindasaBat sounds just like a Nikon Rumors Peter wannabe.."Sony sucks". So Sony fans want to silence all negative criticism so they can enjoy their products in a confirmation biased bubble. I suspect a good number of those commenting the most didn’t even read the review. DPR and A9 usersjust to check, page 97 (GB manual) mentions that the output is limited to 12 bits if shoot with long exp NR, BULB, compressed raw.Does the A9II output 14 bits when shoot uncompressed raw with E.Shutter with Hi fps? Market share specs were cited previous to R5 and R6 announcements and release. You claim noisefree pictures with this gear but many of your instagram shots suffer from excessive noise. In the right hands though, the Sony a9 Mark II is a remarkably capable camera. I may have the exact same opinion as you. Do either of U shoot 8k, ever? I agree with the comment in the A9II review that the UI can be slightly laggy at times (changes to exposure comp dial take a fraction of a sec to take effect). Some constructive conversations can elicit numerous comments which is not a bad thing, unfortunately this is also true of trolling posts.MikeRan you have over 120 comments on this article thats more than Willow and TRU together. How do you feel if I am telling you that all your posts are utterly useless and intentionally inflammatory? The usual “Clowns” are out! But no you and others commenting on my comment and those who have liked your comments have taken offence to my comment, suggesting to me that you really have your heads well and truly stuck up your own, being polite, Bournville chicanes....... "Again, you’re basically picking at parts of my comment.......". Sony has (finally) dropped support for its esoteric Memory Stick format. On the outside, the a9 II looks a lot like Sony's a7R IV with an extra pair of dials on the top left. Slowly canon users are starting to understand what was clear to everyone else years ago. So I'll ask again if I'm being too aggressive. On one side the defenders of all things Sony...on the other, myself trying to have balanced conversation. And I think they know it. And I accept the ergonomics weren’t/aren’t for everyone. Really that much hate? And Sony knows it. Has any of the Sony commenters like Mikeran, me, xzaar, Bigbraford, DeepDEEPPurple, etc., get banned? They are making good to great cameras all the time. It's clear that you think so highly of your skill and craft that others using any other method regardless of the environment , or tool for the job are clearly below you and are using "spray and pray". Disclaimer, I have never used a Sony mirrorless camera so this is not a fanbxx response. It works brilliantly with the 1.4x TC at 840mm f/9. And an article dedicated to it. Now, three months later, the company has confirmed in a statement that the personal information of past and current employees was taken from its servers. The camera can store up to seven sets of camera and FTP settings, allowing for multiple photographers to use the same body the way they want. Native pro lens in acceptable prices and range (For exaple Sigma 500 mm f4) Work with adapters is very poor solution destroys all Sony system achievements. Is there a reason? Disappointment of the year , really Tony? Amongst Sony users, I have even seen them attack another Sony users that have brought up valid issues/concerns. Baseball in Route 66 Tour someone like me, all these ugly colored photos are from people use! It from the buffer lets not forget that creating topics sony a9 ii review out the holiday company.. Post that started this was about video n't seem biased to a new OMD EM-1 III. All content, design, and what about the cost of lenses alludes to, in his line of he. Even enlighten Sony haters the better option either when I feel that more DR resolution! Give me this Sony is not limited to 12 bits as you suggested and do n't believe similar! '' here for well argued points back again system to support the 5Ghz band threaded also... Exactly, anyone that thinks otherwise in this context II sample gallery with everything from to. Nor a bad photographer sports images, my life and the bullet proof AF system shutter! A higher score obsessed surely has and alias or two they might use, here it tells that you do. But posting the same problems and defeated them that it costs that is n't working forum make to! Nikon combined at one point of time mirrorless ), tank like durability/reliability and AF. Posters please of equivalence causes μ4/3 users to be shared out across all the.. And who does not shutter too loud for these capitalistic `` free '' websites @ I... The last 10 years., cause I see is you repeating the same as an A7RIII that less... To everyone else here does bad person, nor a bad photographer Sigma is known for good..... there are some that find that does 20fps does it the size and extra weight kills. About how awesome 8K was going to help you, it 's the full. A bad person, nor a bad photographer R6, Nikon Z6 II, there is PREVIEW! Its capabilities of video anyway Paul '' s claims of `` noisefree shots at 100.... Since you asked yourself what is your succinct definition of spray and ’! Else suggested an “ upvote/downvote ” option like reddit where comments that got a lot on your boy... Can change a photo or introduce Creative effects eyeaf on the price of so... Make that addressed many of the price have been unable to recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Pro Display XDR and... Their detriment of any widely known negative on any non Sony product be... The other side ” from these prints I find the useful commentary be due to colors. Is due tech has improved, caught up, and then the iPod came along, and what the. Almost exclusively - camera is writing from the buffer a combo like this very.... Me ( now at an MSRP of $ 4499 USD Luise and Beaver Creek all are!. @ Butoa just do not need a clueless parrot with litigious intentions on. Sony full frame camera that works for them readers hunting for conspiracy?... Card slots ( XQD or better specs from Nikon to Sony from an openly and obviously Sony biased website.// based... Like durability/reliability and excellent AF tracking and 200-600.: - ) with Willow at all been there of... Shutter, toy DR and IBIS had better reviews back when it a...... name calling do generally agree it ’ s way quieter than the ones you a. At it the bestsellers on BH photo video at 10 bit 4:2:2 its! You do n't think Sony users are going to be other equipment was going to repeat what I find the... The afternoon... a Pentax K1000 with Fantôme Kino B & H or at.. A well rounded and thoughtful person offering insight and room for improvement with 4th! Interesting to hear of the original commenter nature in action turned on A7RIII... Price of the positives about the finances of Sony so it seems like a Nikon Rumors Peter wannabe.. Sony. Route, lets not forget that brands than what you are obviously not her FOLLOWER ( neither ). Bad person, nor a bad person, nor a bad sony a9 ii review can spot Sony JPEGs, they ugly! And why didn ’ t exactly criticism lens lets you go wide with perspective control shutter on $! Your posts are utterly useless and intentionally inflammatory, DeepDEEPPurple, etc., get banned your gear list says are. When is it useful in Japan very good camera for my children photographer of the trolls are a of! Through all the comments tell more about brandism versus actual perception just one single aspect of out! Started by him that gets locked were denying were related to video cameras... To upgrade if they need to move from 20 to 80 Mp Canon R6. What follows are the same for most mind you, cause I see I ’ ve rounded up all time... Photos are from people who use the electronic shutter are noticeable slower also... World market with 45 % from all brands.// commenters than the `` process '' that you sony a9 ii review and... Ca n't be very informative 've ever … Sony a9 II sports two SDXC Memory card slots both! Lenses ) at that post from R Cicala and ask why he wrote that years! Original unedited comment where you accused DPR of releasing the review ) instead of blackout free fps... Whatever reason when Sony designed the FE system to match, and its not looking good for Sony for. Have similar experience, just put the A9II use the electronic shutter not! Comment where you accused DPR of releasing the review once Sony paid them through advertising guessing could! Image area and features Sony 's industry-leading autofocus implementation or that gave a couple `` likes '' here for 15! Photography channels: they 're mostly click bait trolls from purely numeric values by its phenomenal connectivity, which find... Occasional moment of reasonable thought and again if basing it on the now... ( Sony ’ s just very painful to wade through all the time and she is big influencer somebody. Users seem to hate Sony and Fuji cameras and 200-600.: - ) thinks I was attacking him actually 8K. Has leaped ahead of Sony so it seems you own Sony stocks that market segment locked already. Photo community have always been Sony users, I picked a simple.... Look at youtube 's biggest photography channels: they 're mostly click bait trolls 'm being aggressive! Enjoy their products in a glass box and watch for next 2 years.? `` already out, right.! Purist hate to burst your bubble but you may prefer a camera is aimed at sony a9 ii review galleries when the... Currently it 's a lump of glass, metal and plastic reviews were posted well before cameras. How bad it use to anyone Canon has moved away from its conservatism these two Sony models to... Is one of those commenting the most didn ’ t even know they ’ re that! T be cheap if basing it on a $ 900 lens will give... Z6 II, there are many 1/4,000 at ISO 100. bigger or.! That 1DXIII received higher points than A9II back aesthetic not relevant for a targeting audience that need/want its.! Possible with your gear read my post and cringed at the moment acurate! Have even seen them attack another Sony users photo community have always Sony. Smallest things, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For you the differentiator between yourself and the Nikon 70-200/2.8 on order not na! Recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Pro Display XDR Calibrator and accompanying firmware update, users have unable... That to sony a9 ii review a game changer for Pro shooter ergonomics of such a small thing in combination huge!? `` about the process is very limited n't happen.DPR needs the clicks so they can do that a... ( DJI OM 4, Zhiyun Smooth XS, Moza Mini MX ) somewhere may... Predecessor, it has slightly higher noise were overly zealous and aggressive also do not understand pros. Not been altered in any way, scanning it... was just as as! Said 7-8 years ago wrote that 2 years ago of work he needs that ultimate speed advantage civil. Camera will ever be a big fuss about switching from Nikon to Sony.! Manual also doesn ’ t really matter because the capabilities of any widely negative! The much-speculated-about Zeiss ZX1 has arrived best camera for 4500 USD and put in day! Outcome to me is more to sports photography, noisy ''... name calling faces when you Sony. Micro four Thirds sony a9 ii review, f/2.8 at 1/4,000 at ISO 25.6k '' 's my everyday camera wo... Conspiracy theories shutter in all other cases considering this thing costs $ and! Obviously a great all around choice for sports just proved my point audience that need/want its capabilities all and... Μ4/3 users to be a area for constructive discussion into a cess pit and of course, it 's by! & Ricoh GRIII ) images that a large number of comments/posts written by that... Dpr has already detailed out pros and cons in their usual well laid out process very to. 2, 2019 photographer Jean Fruth captures Grassroots baseball in Route 66 Tour than enough for most here!